Seminar Team Event-(lions)

Seminar Team Event-(lions)

Training for Basic

 The seminar will be chaired by the expert, Mr. (Falah Al-Shamri)



Swedish Village Resort Erbil

One day stay

The price of the ticket with transportation

UNIMART training
of professional leaders

UNIMART training of professional leaders - Dubai (UNITOPL) 

To start a trip you need to know from where you should start, and if you have the knowledge about the path you going to travel in it, the journey will be easier and more successful to achieve your goals.

This training is prepared to give the knowledge achieved by network-marketing experts.

As our goal is to create successful leaders who are able to create successful teams with the end of the conference and training sessions.

Location: Dubai - UAE

Dates: Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022